Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Ones Who Have Left Us

It is All Saints' Day, a day to commemorate all the loved ones who have lived but left us. Those of us who are left on this world, remember those who have left this world.

I send special thoughts to Mum and Dad, without whom I would not be here, and who shaped me into whom I am.

I also think of Auntie Linni, who never had pups of her own, but who was such a great extra mother of me, my siblings, my own pups, and other pups here at Aangenaam.

My own love was Kuro-chan, or Kenny, father of many of my pups.

The latest who has left us was April, my dear friend, almost of the same age as I was, with whom I shared many moments of life. Her daughter Peanut was dear to me as well, but left us way too early.

There are many more who have left us. Unfortunately, I cannot think of all of them as much as those who have been closest to me. I still miss all of those whom I have loved and lost. Still, it would be worse, never to have known and loved them at all. This is a thought that offers me some comfort, after all.

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