Friday, April 22, 2016

Disqualified From the Eurovision Song Contest

In many sports, in Sweden, a club can be disqualified and relegated to a lower league, if your economy is not good enough. Such is the case when a club gets bankrupt or close to it.

In the Eurovision Song Contest, it is the same. The European Broadcasting Union has decided that Romania is disqualified from the contest because of outstanding debts dating as far back as 2007.

It is fair to disqualify Romania. If you have a competition, everyone should compete on equal terms. If one contestant does not pay its share of the costs, it is only fair that this contestant will not be able to participate. The participant should be stopped until all debts are paid.

There are many countries participating in the European Song Contest. I really do not see any particular reason to miss Romania. If Romania would pay and be able to participate, it would be nice, bit it is also OK if they are kept out until the debts are paid.

This year's competition will be in about a month. We are looking forward to it here.

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