Monday, February 08, 2016

Super Bowl

Tonight is the night of Super Bowl L, in other words, the fiftieth time the final of the US national championship in American Football is played in a single game. It is one of the most viewed sport events in the world. I am not that into American Football, and the competing teams this year are from Colorado and North Carolina, no States I feel any affiliation with. Still, the sheer size of the game makes it worth writing a word or two about it. I believe it is great to have just a single game as the final, it makes this game that much more important and the annual event greater. It is almost like the final in the FIFA Football World Cup. I think more sports should do the same. A final of seven games, like in Stanley Cup, may give the competing teams more revenue, but is not as exciting. Hou do not have the same excitement in the first games as you have in the single Super Bowl or World Cup final game. Nobody would ever expect a dog show to have more than one Best in Show final. The single game is the great thing about the game to ight. Let the best team win!

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