Thursday, February 18, 2016

Raid on Aid Clinic

It must take a certain kind of coward to raid an aid clinic. One such clinic in Afghanistan, run by Swedes, has been raided. Two patients and one carer was killed.

What possesses people to raid a medical clinic? Do they really think they can gain anything from it? Was there, perhaps, a certain patient they wanted to kill? If so, why kill the others? Some sources say the raiders were from the Afghan National Army.

If Sweden would still have had military presence in Afghanistan, I know what I would have wanted the Swedish soldiers doing. Unfortunately, the Swedish army has left the country. The raid against the clinic is just one tragic event that might have been avoided, if Swedish soldiers would still have been there. Would it have been carried out against a Swedish run clinic with Swedish armed forces close by? Less likely, I would think. Who will give the killed humans justice now?

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