Friday, October 18, 2013

Something Called Snow

Hello, Orange here!

As a pup, I know I have still a lot to learn about the world. Some of the knowledge based on personal experience came early this morning. This early, the ground was covered in a white sheet, about two centrimetres thick. It was soft, cold, and parts of it did just barely stick together. The older dogs called it snow. I noticed that some of it, somehow, could turn into water. It was strange, though not in any frightening way. It was just fun. I was told, however, that the snow would likely melt and disappear soon. Apparently, a lot of it was melting already. This was the word used by the older dogs to describe the event when the snow turned into water. It had something to do with the temperature. I would learn more about this in the winter to come, whatever a winter is. It sounds interesting, anyhow.

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