Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Importance of Microchips in Dogs

The Pitbull Smoke disappeared from his human in California three years ago, when the room mate moved out and stole the dog. However, he was was recently found in Florida. He was taken to a shelter, but since he was microchipped, it was possible to identify who his human was. It is still unclear how he wound up in Florida, across the continent, but he will now be driven back to his own human in California by a relay of volunteers. This only goes to prove how important it is to micro chip dogs. Without the microchip, odds are his true identity would never have been discovered and he would never have gotten to see his human again.

This sunshine story only goes to prove how important it is that all dogs have microchips for their identification. We cannot tell humans who we are and where we belong, like humans themselves can, so we need the aid of microchips to do this for us. To all puppy buyers out there: do not forget to microchip your four legged family members.

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