Saturday, May 11, 2013

Norwegian Specialty

Paula is with some of us dogs in Norway, for the Norwegian Akita Inu specialty dog show. Unfortunately, I did not get to come this time.

Today, our friends won a lot. Gunde (a.k.a. Kokuhou, who was father of my latest litter) won Best of Breed and then also Best in Show against dogs of other Japanese spitz breeds. Gunde also won a Norwegian CAC and thus became Norwegian Champion. On top of this, April's son Javier won Best of opposite Sex Puppy.

From home in Sweden, we send our greetings and congratulate our friends. I would have wanted to be there myself. Some say, however, you cannot go to every show there is. I would want to disagree. It is so much fun to go into the show ring, not only when you win.


Laura said...

VERY good results Dan. Congratulations

Daily Hailey said...

Thank you!