Sunday, September 16, 2012

Violent Protests

Demonstrators in China are protesting against Japanese control of Japanese territory, the Senkaku Islands. They believe the islands are Chinese, when China has, in fact, no control over the territory and has not had so for very long, if ever.

I do not mind the protests as such. I am in favour of free speech. It can also be positive that the dictatorial Chinese government allow demonstrations, for once. The bad thing is that some of the protests have resulted in violence against Japanese property. A factory belonging to Panasonic was set on fire in Qingdao, and a dealership for Toyota was looted, and these are just some of the violence that has occured.

The Chinese police has to stop such violence, no matter what the Chinese government believe in the matter of the Senkaku Islands. Violence is never an expression of free speech. Then again, with the regime they have, there is small wonder the Chinese demonstrators do not really know what free speech is.

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