Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Piece of Cake

Daniel looked through one of the inner regions of a lower shelf in the fridge today, and discovered a piece of a cake that he had not known was there. The piece of cake was now too old, so he had to throw it away. He was devastated, he loves cake, but what can you do? I and the other dogs think it is worse on the rare occasions when meatballs have grown too old and has to be thrown away.

Daniel also has himself to blame. Paula and Daniel are in charge of the fridge, which means they decide what goes in and what comes out of it. This also means that they only have themselves to blame if something they like gets too old, while the fourlegged members of the family can blame them if there is something that we like that gets too old. We are not responsible.

Most of the time, the contents in the fridge is fresh and we rarely have to throw anything away. When things like this piece of cake turns up, I still would wish our humans would have a little better knowledge of the contents of the fridge. It is not that important, though, just a piece of cake.

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