Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Strollers and Fire Security

Humans have a knack for making life difficult for themselves. They do not learn to walk until they are almost a year old, and their parents drive them around in baby strollers until they are good at it.

If you live in a block of flats in Sweden, you are not allowed to store things in the staircase. There are fire security reasons for this. Things may burn, and they may stop people from evacuating the building. When a large owner of blocks of flats in our home town removed a baby stroller from a stair case this week, some people were, nevertheless, outraged. They believe there is a right to store baby strollers anywhere. I believe there is not.

It is much easier being a mother of dog pups. A pup learn to walk when he or she is but weeks old, and a couple of weeks later, there is no question of whether the pup rather walk by itself or is carried.

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