Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Netherlands!

Hello, Peanut here!

I hope for the Netherlands tonight, home of my brother Botan.

There is a small hope for the Netherlands to make it to the quarter finals in the Euro 2012 football championship. This is if they win against Portugal, Germany wins against Denmark, and the Netherlands get the best difference between goals scored themselves and by their opponents. It is a long shot, but it is possible.

Not everyone at our home hope for the Netherlands, though. There are those who would rather see Denmark in the quarter finals. Sunni says she hopes for Denmark because it is a neighbour of Sweden and the first European country she was in (and peed in). I do believe, though, that she rather hopes for Denmark because my mother April and I root for the Netherlands. Sunni has never liked my mother, thus, she does not like me. She usually do not care for football, but does tonight. Well, all the more fun, then, if the Netherlands make it.

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