Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unnecessary Election

The citizens of our eastern neighbour country, Finland, have a general election today to decide who will be their Head of State for some years to come. This sounds highly unnecessary. Finland is a republic, this is why they do this. In a monarchy, like Sweden or Japan, the Head of State inherits the position. You usually know for decades in advance who will be the next Head of State. Dogs and wolves do the same in our packs, though our inheritance goes by the female line while human inheritance has generally gone by the male line.

I believe hereditary monarchies are more natural than republics. They are just as democratic as well, because the way in which the Head of State gets the job is not in the essence of being a democracy. On the other hand, I am just a dog. My vote is cast in the decisions of my dog pack, not in the decisions of the human society. My human readers may disregard of my opinions in this matter, if they chose to do so.

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