Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd Pillowcases

I put new bedsheets in Paula's and Daniel's bed tonight. (Humans are so fuzzy about where and on what they sleep, but I grant them that their bed is comfortable.) Paula always wants more than one pillow. There is one huge downside of this. When you buy sets of bedsheets and pillowcases, there are never more than two pillowcases in each set. If Daniel and Paula is to have one pillowcase each that both match with the bedsheets, Paula also has to have a couple of odd pillowcases. I do not think Paula is the only human who wants more than one pillow in her bed. There should be sets of pillowcases to add to the main sets. Now we have to have odd pillowcases for many of the pillows, and it is not easy to make it as nicely looking as if all of them would look the same. I know what I would start to sell, if I was a pillowcase manufacturer.

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