Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello, Karstuhl here!

My life seems to go on in the same tracks as always. It occurs to me once in a while that I might want to change careers, perhaps move away from home. Granny moved from the USA to Sweden when she was five years old, that must have been exciting. She did not change careers, however, but continued her career as a show dog and pet. She has done this extremely well. Mommy has had the same career. It seems like I am predetermined to walk in the paw prints of Granny and Mommy. This is definitely not bad, but what if I do not want to? I might want to be something else. It is just that I do not quite know what alternatives I might have. Would it be possible to become candy tester or movie actor? I believe it would be hard, there would be many who would want to do the same. Perhaps I will just stick to what I know and do that very well.

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