Monday, January 25, 2010

An Unnecessary World Championship

The world championship in bandy is played in Russia now. The only two countries who really compete for the gold medals are Sweden and Russia. Finland, Norway, Kazakstan, and the USA participate as well, but this is more an excuse for the bandy fans to call it a world championship. Sweden just beat the USA 14-6 with a reserve team. The championship could actually be played as one game between Russia and Sweden. Outside of these two countries, hardly anybody cares.

It is not an olympic sport, too few nations are good at it. The sport in itself is almost like ice hockey, but played on an ice big as a football field and with a red ball, a ball hardly visible on TV. You can only become a professional if you go to Russia, but who would want to do that? I think bandy should be scrapped, in favour of ice hockey. The sport is unnecessary, and the world championship even more.

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