Thursday, August 27, 2009

Genes of Dog Coats

An American team of scientists have discovered that there are just three genes that account for all the different coat types of dogs and wolves. This is amazing, three genes, and all the variety you can see, and feel when you pet us. The study was made from DNA samples of more than 1 000 individuals of more than 80 breeds, and also wolves. For each characteristic of dog coats, the scientist researching the genes on coats identified a single gene that was primarily responsible. It was, for example, discovered that dogs with short, straight, wolf-like hair, share a gene type with the wolves. I guess this includes the Shiba Inu.

Further research is to be made on the DNA samples, which will certainly be the basis of more interesting discoveries. I am looking forward to get to know more about future results of these studies.


Ylva said...

Häftigt. Man skulle kunna tro att det var betydligt mer som spelade in än så.

Klart Grus fick smaka tårta. :) "Bröderna" fick vackert dela lika.

Daily Hailey said...

Det låter bra att även Grus fick tårta. Vi hundar har ett starkt rättvisepatos.