Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Currently, we can watch the World Championship in athletics in Berlin. While the USA used to be the dominant force in the sprints, like 100 and 200 metres, it now seems like Jamaica has claimed the sprint throne. There has been a lot of people who have tried to explain this. I believe in most explanations, as partly true. However, I have an additional explanation. My Mum, my friend April, and my husband Calvin have all left the USA to come to live in Sweden. This means that prominent dogs do not live in the USA any longer, thus giving the American sprinters less encouragement and less to fight for. The Jamaica sprinters, who have never (to my knowledge) had such prominent dogs in their country, do not know what they are missing and are therefore not put down by it in the same manner as the American sprinters are. The strange thing is, though, that the Swedish athletes are not as great as they have been over the last couple of international championships, despite having these prominent dogs in their home country. Maybe they have just gotten used to having them here.

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