Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, Paula was at a dog show today with Calvin and Primus. Primus became Best of Breed among the Pharao Hounds. We all congratulate him for that!

Calvin, on the other side, did not become better than third best male among the Shiba Inus. Thus, Paula never got to go with a Shiba Inu in competition for best of breed. If I would have been shown, maybe it would have been different. I may have become best bitch and then Best of Breed. Noone knows, of course, since I was not there. However, with both a male and a female in the show ring, there is twice the chance of winning the breed, when there are others competing as well. I might have been successful, but, alas, I never got a chance to try. I hope to be shown in other shows soon.

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