Thursday, June 11, 2009

TV Murderer

We saw the TV crime show Criminal Minds tonight. This is a good show, but I was more upset than usually by the episode tonight. It turned out that one of the murderers had not just murdered his brother, but earlier, he had murdered his family's dog. I usually do not get very upset with crime stories on TV, they are made up and the victims are usually humans. However, when one victim is a dog, I do get upset. While there may be reasons to kill humans, as is often shown in TV crime stories (though the reasons are not good enough to free the murderers of the charges against them), what reason might there be to kill a dog? Dogs always love their humans. If there is anyone who love a human more than that human himself, it is his dog.

Well, in this case the TV murderer was a sociopath, and the lack of compasion that sociopaths have can make them kill without reason. It has to be a sociopath in order to kill such a loving animal as a dog, hasn't it? Thus, the inclusion of a murdered dog in the story must have been a way for the writer to make it plain for the viewers that the murderer indeed was a sociopath. I know this was just a made up story and no dog was actually killed, but still, I would have felt better if there would have been no dog murdered in the show. I hope future episodes of Criminal Minds do not involve murder of dogs.

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