Monday, June 15, 2009

At Work

Mum got to go with Daniel to work today. This was in part due to that Suri would visit Daniel's work. Suri's humans are also work mates of Daniel, this is how they got in touch with us from the start. Suri was happy and playful as ever, Mum said in the evening. Mum only had one objection, Suri tried to eat the sandwich that Daniel had bought for Mum and that Mum had saved for a while. Mum had to eat it right away to keep it from Suri. I know Mum and her love of food, so I know how annoying this must have been for Mum. I can also relate to what Suri must have felt, I have been in her position. Apart from this sandwich incident, Mum and Suri were happy to see each other. I guess they will see each other more times in the future. I hope I will also meet Suri again soon.

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