Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arctic Wolves Capturing Water Fowl

New photographs show humans what none have seen before: arctic wolves in Canada hunting water fowl, swiming to catch them. This is so cool. Humans should not be surprised, though. We canines are very resourceful, if waterfowl is there to catch and eat, we do it. I also felt akin to these wolves when I read that some of them had gone through the rucksacks of the film crew, spreading the contents across the ground. Curiousity is a nice thing.


Grus said...

Det är mer varg i mig än somliga vill tro, inser jag när jag läser din blogg. ;)

Daily Hailey said...

Det gläder mig att läsa. På sätt och vis är vi vargar allihopa. :-)