Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The FIFA World Cup in Ladies' football is on in China right now. The game between China and Denmark was broadcasted live on Swedish TV. Denmark is a neighbour of Sweden and a democracy, China is a dictatorship notorious for the people's relatively low opinon of dogs. It was self evident to me that I would hope for a Danish victory. However, the Swedes who commented on the game for the bradcasting company hoped for China. This was obviously due to the fact that there are two Swedes who are coaches of the Chinese team. I do not think that is reason enough. Rather, I think those Swedes should be ashamed of themselves. Sport successes are good for the purpose of promoting a country, the dictatorship China does that with the help of two Swedes. This makes me disgusted.

Unfortunately, the Chinese team won by 3-2.

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