Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Last and the Next Show

I had some success at a dog show in Tvååker in Halland on the Swedish west coast last weekend. On the first day, a national show, I became second best bitch and got a CC, beaten only by my own Mum - and Mum became Best of Breed. On the second day, an international show, I became Best of Breed, got a CC, and a CACIB. Later on, in the finals of the second day, I was picked out to the final ten, but was not one of the final five to get prizes. Nevertheless, this is quite a good result, I am really satisfied by it.

We are going to another dog show tomorrow, but only to cheer April on. She is the only one to be shown at this show. I have enough CC's to become a champion as soon as I get a single CC after my second birthday this September. Therefore, it is unnecessary that I compete with April for CC's and such until then. I will be back in the show rings later on.

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