Friday, July 27, 2007

The King and Sport

It has been a well spread "truth" in Sweden that King Charles XVI Gustavus is a fan of the sports team AIK, from the Stockholm suburb of Solna where he grew up on a castle called Haga. In a recent interview for the small town news paper Kalmarposten the King suddenly reveals that his team is actually the Stockholm team Djurgårdens IF.

Questions, so many questions appear! Daniel is puzzled. He is a Djurgården fan and a royalist, but he does not know what to think of these news. Can you trust a man who changes sports teams, even if he changes to the team you love? Normally, you can change a man's views on just about anything but what sports team he loves. On the other hand, it actually seems from the article that the King has always been a Djurgården fan.

The journalist did not pursue the question, but I guess most Swedish sports fans would like to know if the King has changed his views or if he has always been a Djurgården fan. In the latter case people would also want to know the reason why he has accepted an untrue rumour that he was an AIK fan. Oh, what a riddle this is! It is interesting, but now I am glad that I am not as interested in football and ice hockey (both sports where both Djurgården and AIK has prominent teams) as Daniel is.

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