Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watching the Grass Grow

The headline of this blog post may make you think this is another dull day in my life. This is not the case. It is not like I am sitting idle while watching the grass grow. However, I can see the progress every day. All the plants in our garden grow. We can see that there are more and more grass in the dog yard, even where we run a lot. Daniel is a bit surprised, he did not think any grass could grow in the places where we run, jump, and turn at high speed the most. Our play does affect the grass, but it is there, growing. Daniel will soon have to buy a lawn mower, which he will have to use in the dog yard as well as on the rest of our estate.


Grus said...

Vi skall också köpa en ny gräsklippare. Matte gillar inte att den vi har nu bara fungerar ibland och saknar bromsar.
Husse säger att regnet gör att det kommer växa jättemycket på gärdena runt vårt hus snart. Det gillar jag, det är kul att hoppa runt i vetet.

Daily Hailey said...
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Daily Hailey said...

Det kom bara litet regn hos oss i går, men desto mer i dag.

Det är kul att hoppa i högt gräs, synd bara att det kan finnas fästingar där.