Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mother’s Day

Hello, Karstuhl here!

It is Mother’s Day today. I have celebrated Mommy accordingly, while showing my daughter Li’l Gertrud how it is done. Li’l Gertrud is not a keen learner, however. She is a good daughter, but it seems Mother’s Day is not her cup of tea. She would rather just play around, like the puppy she still is.

I said to Mommy I was a bit disappointed Li’l Gertrud was not as great a daughter that I had been. Mommy thought this was funny, however, telling me I had just as small interest in Mother’s Day when I was her age. She then said she been good to Granny from her very first Mother’s Day.

It may be true that I was not a great daughter on my first Mother’s Day. I doubt Mommy’s statement on her own first Mother’s Day, though. Why would Mommy have been so much better than both me and my daughter? I think she is just pulling my leg. Perhaps she will make a comment here in her blog? We will have to see. Stay tuned!

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