Thursday, December 21, 2017

Heartless Woman Gets Her Case Before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Sweden has decided to hear a case (decision on the 18 of December 2017, case no B3079-17) on whether a woman convicted of a fellony can get free of prison time, because she has got small children to take care of.

The woman and her husband, the father of the children, are both convicted of smuggling dogs from another country to Sweden. This is a crime that only heartless, ruthless people will commit. Taking advantage of helpless, live dogs, and paying no attention to disease control, shows a lack of compassion and a fundamental flaw in the mindset of the human doing this. How this woman could be considered fit to take care of children at all is beyond me. The children should be removed from the care of her and the father and put in foster care for the rest of their childhood years, regardless of when her time in prison is over. I hope the Supreme Court will not cut her sentence short.

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