Monday, November 06, 2017

Pen Names

When the world gets more and more connected through the Internet, a lot of people want to create an online persona with a somewhat fancy name that stands out in the crowd.

I did this myself at an early age. As soon as I started my blog, as a pup, I called it the Daily Hailey. My official name is Aangenaam Lunar Eclips, but I have always been called Hailey. Adding the word daily said something about the blog, but also gave it a ryhme. I have never considered changing the name of my online persona, it is good as it is. My daughter Karstuhl, who will eventually inherit my blog, has said she will keep the name of the blog. There is a lot of value in a good name. I can understand those who struggle to create a good one. I never had to struggle. fortunately.

Since this blog is daily, you are welcome back tomorrow.

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