Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fashion's Waste of the Environment

Hello, Karstuhl here!

The human fashion industry generated a lot of money. Humans buy a lot of clothes, not using them very much. This makes the fashion industry one of the industries causing the most negative impact on the environment. The reason is that so many clothes are manufactured and transported over the world.

Dogs have very little guilt in this. There are just a few dogs who ever wear clothes, and this is in the wintertime when going outdoors. Most of us make do with our coats.

Humans, of course, do not have natural coats. Thus, they must wear clothes in temperate and colder clomates to stay warm, and in sunny climates to protect their skin. Still, I believe they could make do with fewer clothes. If they had clothes of the quality of Shiba coats, these would not need to be washed or changed as often as humans usually wash and change clothes. This would help the environment and would save money for many humans.

I guess it would be hard to start such a fashion, though, there are so many humans who like to change clothes often. On the other paw, I believe humans change clothes often, because they do not have clothes nearly as good as Shiba coats. They are probably a little envious. I can bear that.

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