Thursday, September 21, 2017

Karen's Pups

I guess I should mention that Karen has had a litter of pups, parallel to my daughter Polly. Karen's pups were born on Saturday evening. They are cute, like all Shiba pups. As a grandmother, however, I believe Polly's pups are a little cuter.

Karen got three sons, no daughter, in this litter. There are already plans for their future, we have a number of different families who are eager to get a Shiba from here. We have a good reputation. Karen and her pups will benefit from this. I think they will add to it, as well, which is good.

Shiba pups are the greatest, but they are not for everyone. You have to know enough about us and be prepared to treat us with the dignity we deserve. If you do, you will get a faithful companion for eternity. This is great, isn't it?

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