Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Best Prescription Ever

A veterinarian has given me a prescription to eat a slice of blood pudding every day. This is the best prescription I have ever heard of. It is so tasty!

Over the last days, I have not felt really well. I have been more tired than usually and I have breathed more heavily. Paula, Daniel, and I discussed this and decided I needed an appointment with a veterinarian. This is not a thing I usually like, bit the results can be good.

Daniel and I went to the veterinarian today. There were nothing wrong with the way my heart and lungs sounded, no lumps or scars, and I am flexible and allert for my age. They got a blood sample from me and ran some tests. It turned out there was just one thing that was not really good: I have a lower count of erythocytes (also known as red blood cells). These cells transport oxygen to the cells of the body and carbondioxide from the cells. With a low level, there is less oxygen reaching the cells, less carbondioxide leaving the cells.

The veterinarian said there were a couple of different possible causes for my condition. She said this required further investigation. Part of the investigation was to help my body produce more erythocytes. I would achieve this by eating blood pudding. the high level of blood, and thus iron, in blood pudding would probably boost the production of erythocytes in my bone marrow. We will then return to the veterinarian in two weeks.

On our way home, we stopped by the supermarket and purchased some blood pudding. This is a prescribed medicine I look forward to taking. It tasted great today and will taste great in the days to follow.

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