Friday, April 28, 2017

Leave from Work for Pups

The Scottish brewery Brewdog has a new perk for its employees. It is odd, but I think it is very good. the brewery offers one week of leave for any employee who adopts a puppy dog or a rescue dog.

I think this is great. It would make it easier for many humans to make up their mind that they have to get a dog. Most human loves are better with dogs, and although many can see some reasons for this, others just might need this kind of perk to decide they need a dog. It must be up to the employer, of course, but I think most employers would benefit in the long run. The employees would be happier and healthier, as humnas tend to be when they have dogs. Thus, there would be less sick leave and with happier employees, there would be a better production. More dogs would also get loving humans.

It is a situation positive for everybody involved. Who can oppose that?

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