Saturday, January 21, 2017

Resigning President

Yahya Jammeh, the long time president of the Gambia, a small country in West Africa, has resigned. He lost an election last month, but at first tried to refuse to resign. He has been president for decades, having won many elections where people have doubted the outcome. Now he could not continue. There were too many people who opposed him.

If Yahya Jammeh had been wise in his wish to continue being head of state, he could have made sure to form a constitutional monarchy with himself as king. Democratic elections would have been held to form a parliament, which would have been the basis of a cabinet. Nobody could justify critique against such a government by stating it would be un-democratic. Still, Yahya Jammeh would have continued being head of state for the rest of his life.

Constitutions like this works very well in countries such as Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. They could work in Africa as well, but are very rare there. I do not really know why.

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