Sunday, March 08, 2015

Road Trip

Paula, Daniel, April, Kenny, and I went on a road trip today. April got off in Vallentuna, where she will live with a different family for a while. Unless she hates it there, which she doubts she will, she is going to stay there for the forseeable future. I wish her all the luck. It is good to have a family of ones own. In the family here, I am the alpha bitch, so April could never get that rank here. She can in her new family, though.

Kenny got off a little later. He will just be away for a week, this is already settled. It is said he will meet a bitch who is in heat. I do not think Kenny will be very interested. After all, he has had pups with me, what bitch could ever match this?

When the other dogs had left, I got to go with Paula and Daniel to Daniel's parents. Daniel's sister Linda was there too. These are nice humans and it was fun. The funny thing was, they have a clock there which chimed once an hour in a tone that sounds just like a door bell. I thought someone would come, but noone did. Then I realized it was not a door bell.

We got home in the afternoon. It was an eventful day, I like days like this.

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