Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Animals as Persons

A court of law in New York has ruled a chimpanzee is not entitled to rights, such as freedom. The case was specifically about a chimpanzee living with a human in New York. An organization called the Nonhuman Rights Project made his case before the court, claiming the chimpanzee had the right to freedom The court, however, said legal rights can only be held by someone who can also have legal duties, which a chimpanzee cannot have. There were also no legal precedence whatsoever.

I am not surprised by the verdict. As far as I know, chimpanzees are not bright enough to have legal duries. They are not as intelligent as dogs, I believe. They are also not part of human society and civilisation, not the way only dogs are, besides humans. If any animal besides humans deserve certain legal rights, it is the dog. Dogs have been part of human culture much longer than any other animal. Of course, a court case on setting dogs free would be unnecessary, because we are already free when we live with our humans. This is because we are part of human culture, the way chimpanzees can never be. Rights, as the right not to suffer from animal abuse, are given to dogs already. Do we need more? I do not think so. This way, I believe the Nonhuman Rights Project is missguided. Perhaps I would need to know more, but this is my opinion now.

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