Sunday, November 03, 2013

Exchanging Noses

We were watching Formula 1 on TV this afternoon, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. When one of the cars got a broken nose, they took the car to the pit and changed the nose.

In a way, Car racing is like dog competitions. The car, like the dog, does the real work, but there is supposed to be a human there as well. A dog is intelligente nogh to do most of the things in a competition on itself, whereas a car cannot think at all, but the rules are set by humans in both types of competitions ans that is why we dogs need help from humans. A car can get a new nose, if it is hurt, however. This is not possible for dogs. We have the most complex nose known to science, considering our sense of smell. I am thankful for this, I would not want to have my nose replaced.

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