Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Greetings

We put our Christmas greeting cards in a mailbox this morning. According to the information from Posten AB (Royal Swedish Mail, ltd), they would reach their destinations in Sweden before Christmas Eve, if mailed no later than the 16th of December.

When the cards where already in the box, though, we realised it is noted on the front of this box that Posten is not servicing this box on Sundays. Daniel said that if they claim you can mail the Christmas cards on the 16th, they have to give this guarantee to all cards mailed before midnight tonight. This would mean that they would deliver all Christmas cards they get when emptying mailboxes tomorrow before Christmas Eve. I and the other dogs remained sceptical. Daniel is a lawyer and knows what guarantees of certain dates normally means by law, but we fear that Posten have their own, special rules on this subject.

Well, if you get a Christmas card from us before Christmas Eve, please let us know!

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