Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Thin Models

I have always been puzzled over the human fashion industry and its current call for very thin models. There are valid comparisons to be made between the fashion industry and dog shows. (Although such a comparison would rather have the human "cat walk" named "dog walk". Cats do not walk on their shows, as dogs do.) However, on dog shows, you are supposed to win if you are in the centre of the standard, not at the very lowest possible weight to height ratio.

In Israel, the parliament has now passed a law banning extremely thin models. The law also requires information on pictures that has been manipulated in order to make models appear thinner than they are. The aim is to promote the health of models and a more healthy view of human bodies.

If health is the concern, though, I believe it would be better that the appearance on the cat walk would have to be preceeded by a mandatory check by a veterinarian. (Well, humans call veterinarians who concentrate on human illnesses "physicians", but as a dog, I see no reason why the veterinarians who concentrate on this particular species would be called anything else than the rest of the veterinarians.) We have health controls on dog shows, so why not have them on fashion shows, if you are so concerned with the health of the models?

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