Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pups versus Clothes

We are refurnishing one of the rooms in our house to be a puppy room. The main use for this room has been for drying and ironing Paula's and Daniel's clothes. I think this is a waste of space. As Paula and Daniel are humans, they do not have the fine coats that most dogs have, so they have to use clothes instead. Clothes get dirty and need to be laundried, then dried and some have to be ironed to look fine. Dog coats, on the other hand, look mighty fine most of the time, no matter what happens. An occasional bath may be useful, especially if you are going to a dog show in a day or two, but is often unnecessary. Regardless of the maintenance you have to give your clothes, if you are a human, having pups in the room is a better use of the space. The room is still not quite ready for the pups, but we are getting there.

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