Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Claim for Damages

The Danish supporter who ran into the football field at the end of the Euro 2008 qualification game some time ago is now faced with claim for high damages. The arena company Parken Sport og Entertainment in Copenhagen wants damages because the two following Euro qualification games will not be held there, but at a different arena in Arhus. I can understand that they want damages, but I am not sure they will get any. The games were not moved just because the supporter ran in to the field, but mainly because the company could not ensure the safety of the players and referees during games. If the arena company would have had reasonable safety, this supporter would never have been able to enter the football field. Thus, I believe that the company may be so much to blame itself, that it would not be entitled to damages. The fact that a drunk supporter did come into the field is no cause for damages, when the safety was so low as it was, as evidenced by the two other supporters who ran into the field shortly after the first one. It is as if you park your car unlocked at a parking space where a lot of drunk people go - you are to blame yourself if your car or items inside of it are stolen.

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