Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I like crackers, the kind of thin, hard bread that tastes good. Now I have learned of something else called crackers. By New Year, it is customary to use tiny devices with gun powder to make tiny blasts, these devices are also crackers. The idea is to scare demons away.

Some people are stupid enough to use these crackers many days before New Years Eve. Except for the obvious result of making the use of crackers just by the beginning of the new year less special, crackers also scare some dogs. None of the dogs in my family is afraid of crackers or fire works, but one has got to feel some sympathy with the dogs who are.

People are stupid if they enjoy throwing crackers at dogs. They are even more stupid if they would believe there are evil demons in dogs. Dogs have good hearts by nature. Actually, dogs know how to identify the whereabouts of demons. I have yet to hear of a demon dwelling in a dog. The only evil demons dogs encounter is the ones hiding in the slippers, shoes, toys, wooden sticks etc. that we chew to pieces. Remember that!

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