Sunday, February 05, 2023

Boring Sunday

Sundays are days of rest. They are, thus, often nice. There are Sundays, however, that grov too boring, Sundays where too little happens. This Sunday was such a Sunday.

There can actually be too much time to rest. Dogs generally like to rest, and I am a typical dog in this respect. However, too much of the good stuff is just that: too much. I wish we could have done a little more things today. 

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Wearable Beanbags

Beanbags are a kind of mix between chair and pillow that humans use sometimes, and it has become a sort of symbol for when you want to be lazy. In Tokyo, a popup store will sell wearable beanbags. With these, you carry a beanbag around and can rest in it anywhere. They are ugly, but surely comfortable. If I were ever to wear anything myself, a wearable Shiba size beanbag would be it. 

Late Night

Daniel came home very late on Friday night. It was past midnight. While waiting for him, I had fallen aaleep and there had been no blog entry. Daniel had had fun at the lodge where he is a member. I like him to have fun, but it would be even better if he would not be quite so late that he was. 

Thursday, February 02, 2023

The Morning Walk Cut Short

It was really cold outside this morning, about -8° C. We still took a morning walk. Halfway through the first part of the walk, Morran and I agreed that it was not nice enough. We turned back home. Totte joined us. Daniel and Peanut had no choice but to join us, as well.

This was a walk to my liking. We got to do what we had to do, but then we got back into the warm house again. Warm insides of houses in the winter are great. If you want to look at the beauty of a snowy landscape, you just have to peak through the window. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Dogs Travelled with Vikings

Scientists who have analysed remains from Viking burial grounds in Britain have found that some of the bones were from dogs and horses. The animals were buried in a way that suggests they were companions of the humans. The chemical compund of the bones shows the animals came from Scandinavia. They must have sailed with the Vikings to Britain.

All of this shows that Vikings cared a lot about their dogs. This proves, in my mind, that they were cultural and sophisticated people. Humans who care about dogs are not savages. 

These dogs must have had exciting lives. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


For a couple of evenings now, Daniel have spent a lot of time preparing for the ring stewards for the dog show that our lokal kennel club hosts in August. It is important to do these things early on. Administration of a dog show is almost the most important thing you can do as a human. Taking care of your dogs and the rest of the family is, of course, more important, but this is almost up there with those tasks. We are glad Daniel is entrusted with this important task. 

Monday, January 30, 2023

Working at Home

All of us dogs always work at home. There are days when Daniel does the same. This was such a day. It is always nice to have him at home. 

Then, in the evening, Paula and Daniel went away. They went to a political meeting in the centre of the town. I thought everyone would be home all day, but this was not to be. 

However, the meeting was not long. They came home rather soon. The rest of the evening we were all at home. Life was great again. 

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Afternoon Walk with Rare Company

We took a rare walk this afternoon, because the participants were me, Peanut, Daniel, Paula, Pepe, and Totte. This is a rare constellation on a walk. In the mornings, for example. it is usually me, Peanut, and Daniel, often Morran, and occasionally Totte. Pepe often joined the walks last summer, but has been relictant to come along inte longer walks in the autumn and winter. Totte, as the cat that he is, selects the walks himself when he participates. The rare constellation on this afternoon walk was nice.